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These Are The Testimonies Of Those Who Wish To Share The  Joy Of Success They Have Experienced After Taking Our Fertility Herbs.




 My husband and I had been trying to conceive for nearly 4 years. During this time we had seen numerous fertility specialists. We had tried several rounds of clomid and had 3 x IVF cycles and no success . We were told I had a low ovarian reserve and possible immune problems

In desperation we decided to seek treatment abroad . We were advised by the fertility specialist to try Traditional Chinese Herbs to prepare my body for IVF, as they had seen a lot of success with this treatment . I was referred to John Bowen who recommended herbs for egg quality and also to regulate my immune system. I had been taking the herbs for just 5 weeks when I got my first positive pregnancy test ever . We are absolutely thrilled and I personally believe it is down to the herbs as it is the only thing we did differently . It's still the early days of the pregnancy but I am positive things will be fine and will continue to take the herbs till at least 12 weeks of pregnancy .
Mrs. Y. Rice
United Kingdom

My Husband and I have been trying for a baby for about 7 years and after a couple of miscarriages proceeded for the next 4 years with Assisted Conception techniques. I saw on a fertility forum that using Cordeceps increase the chance of implantation, our Clinic Director agreed and recommended John. I am certain that using both Cordeceps and Reshi as part of our protocol for this cycle resulted in our BFP! John also provided nutritional advice as well - it was invaluable!


M. Thomas, Crawley




 Up until now we had been trying to have a child for almost 8 years. We went through several IVF treatments in different countries and tried special dieting and so on according to the doctors advice but it was all without success. Finally we decided to try herbal treatment on the advice of a friend. We contacted the Herbal Assistance website and followed the advice of John Bowen after telling him our medical history. He was very helpful and in explaining what herbs would be helpful and answering our questions in general. After just 6 weeks of taking the herbs he recommended, which included Cordyceps, Reishi and Vitality Herbs, we had positive pregnancy results. We cannot express our joy and thanks enough to John for this as we truly believe it was the herbs that made the difference.


Mrs. A. Volkert



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