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Sairei-to has been used for centuries in both Japan and China for treating early miscarriages as it was said to balance the internal systems of the body thus bringing about overall harmony. In the modern medical field it is known to be an effective treatment for women with autoimmune problems. In this respect it is one of the few herbal preparations which has scientific test data to verify it's effectiveness. Here is an example of one such test.



Sairei-to:  A Herbal Treatment For Autoimmune Abnormalities


Autoimmune abnormalities have been successfully treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Twelve patients positive for antinuclear antibodies (ANA) and one or more antiphospholipid antibodies (APLA) were admitted into treatment; all had experienced recurrent spontaneous abortion during the first trimester. Preconceptional administration of Sairei-to resulted in normalization of APLA values in all but one of the patients within 2 months of treatment. Sairei-to was continued throughout the prenatal course and discontinued after delivery. Corticosteroids and aspirin were not administered during this time. In 9 out of 11 patients, these levels continued to be negative throughout the course of Sairei-to. In the other two cases, levels increased and became positive. Ten patients delivered healthy babies following a normal prenatal course. Two of the patients whose APLA re-elevated or remained positive experienced recurrent miscarriages.

Here is a link to another Medical article showing advanced laboratory tests using Sairei-to for autoimmune treatment.



It is also used in traditional medicine for the treatment of Chlamydia and in particular latent or hidden Chlamydia whereby it is very difficult to detect but can flare up periodically and can cause problems with conception or during pregnancy. It is also traditionally used as a treatment for women who has previously had Chlamydia and may have resulting problems which can cause fertility problems.


Sairei-to has also been traditionally used to treat Ulcerative Colitis which can also have negative effects on pregnancies. In recent years there has been scientific data to back up its effectiveness for treating this condition. Here is a link to a Medical article that cites an example of it's medical evaluation and effectiveness for treating Ulcerative Colitis.



The standard course and dosage for Sairei-to is a 60 day course of 2 capsules at 3 times a day (6 capsules per day totaling 360 capsules for the entire course) beginning 1 month before your embryo transfer and continuing on for 30 days thereafter. If pregnancy is achieved then the course should continue well into your pregnancy or possibly for the full term.



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